Our Work Culture

Our culture and climate(Atmosphere)


Each of our team is dedicated to providing the best experience to customers. Be it food,drinks, games, getaways, trips, fashion, spa, events, parties, relaxation; our team continuously work to quench every kind of craving you may have.




Innovation and discussion : We believe in constant and rigorous creativity enabled by an open discussion free of any bureaucratic hierarchy. Organisation is backed by an open feedback loop of ideas, cause and effect assessment which enables us to learn, adapt and innovate . we emphasise a lot on the new ideas and motivate crazy discussions, chats and sharing of thoughts so that no good idea ever dies out.

Here ideas are born and pampered. 


Work Ethics  : Driven by the cofounder’s philosophy, Hungerista has a strong  work policy. There is nothing more important than work. We believe in complete autonomy and responsibility driven by a sensible mentorship. Our leaders are always ready to guide and support the deserving and potential candidates.


Customer Service: We focus highly on the customers, be it merchant or users, and customer satisfaction is of utmost important to us. There is no compromise regarding customer engagement and satisfaction. Every employee represents the company and each member is trained finely to cater to the needs of customer.

We are civilised human beings.


 Our values



Innovation & Creativity

Spirit of adventure