Vapour Bar Exchange

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Flat 15% OFF

Flat 15% OFF

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About Vapour Bar Exchange

Vapour Bar Exchange is a microbrewery chain in NCR. The place is a fruit of an excellent and exceedingly innovative idea which aims to actively engage  the customers while they choose their drink. As the name would hint, the place attempts to blend the concepts of Stock exchange and the Bar, thus, the prices  of the alcohol are dynamic and depends on the demand of each beverage. It is a microbrewery and offers 8 different variety of beer and the Gurgaon branch is the only place that offers ALE beer. With respect to the food, the place does not disappoint and manages to hit the ball out of the park with their lip smacking delicacies from their Multi Cuisine kitchen.The recommended dishes off their menu includes -Bunny Chow, Veg Mussaka, Bangers and Mash and Ghost Nihari. The ambience is very polished, comfortable and energetic all at the same time contributing to that perfect experience especially for the beer lovers. 

Manish Saini
Thu, 28 Dec 2017

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