Let Age be just an Integer

 “Let Age be just an Integer”



Hungerista, a vicinity of choices. A portal which proposes the luxury of delicacy, health, glamour and diversion located in Delhi. A gateway which not only renders such intemperance but, also endeavours its customers with ‘user experience’, ‘price listing’ and other exciting offers.

Making a difference: Hungerista distinguishes itself from other search websites by providing its customers the liberty to be a merchant and advertise themselves through it.


Bubbly Vultures:

Starting with the first step into the dual reality of world of games, Hungerista propounds the bubbly vultures that is, children above 10 yrs with the opportunity to experience and enjoy an array of adventure games to seek and build new memories. It also assists its customers by hunting new places together with price noting for their fun quests and timely updates them with their new propositions.


Gracefully Charmed:

Many turn to yoga and meditation while many go for spa and salons to de-stress themselves from their strenuous schedules and workloads. In the event of being busy, Hungerista aids its audience particularly above 15 yrs by listing the index of spa and salons and the services offered by them along with their prices.



Vigorously Robust:

Sometimes, it becomes really difficile to eat that little tempting piece of chocolate when you are already gaining weight. Maintaining the perfect figure has always been a challenging task for both children and adults. However, the exhausting search for gym clubs, yoga centres and dance and cardio classes will no longer be a bane of your existence. Hungerista brings with itself a detail catalogue of different fitness hubs all over Delhi for you to choose and grab upon.



Appetition, a desire which stays with you until you are satisfied. That mouth-watering hunger and the eyes full of lust searching for the particular cuisine of food it wants to pry upon. Hungerista here brings the taste of satisfaction by providing a noted list of all the restaurants and food joints, all over Delhi with an amiable environment for both family and students.


Let the Night Live:

Above 18 yrs? Ever experienced a night life? Ever felt the urge to be mysterious and menacing? Hungerista has come upon an overture that would make your knees bend and your mouth go dry. It attempts to cater you with the passes along with the estimate to night parties and clubs where you can dance till you break and drink until you are full.


Hulk-ing with a pinch of Shakespeare:

Along with the above services, Hungerista stands itself out by proposing date planning. It provides the customers with customised dating experiences in addition to the cafes and restaurants apt for date outs. It further lays down adventure trips particularly for college students in conjunction with price information and other necessary details.