10 Ways How Hungerista Is Set Out To Carve A Niche In Leisure Business

Our USP:

As you can grasp from our punchline itself, Hungerista is a unique platform where
cravers meet quenchers. A comprehensive local search aggregator venture based
in Delhi, were not just a search platform but we provide a dedicated & search +
discover price + buy user experience.

Ways to get indulged in creative affairs:
At Hungerista, you can get the information about anthing. Thus, if you want to
get acquainted with a local restaurant, spa, salon, bar, pub, travel tour
operators, event organizers or want to opt for lifestyle product stores, fitness
gyms or just want more options to enjoy life - Hungerista is the place to go to.

So what makes us stand out from the rest?
For other capital-hungry players in the market who consider this as a business
model routine only, ours is a comprehensive one-stop shop. As they say, We
only live once. With the option of performing searches, we intend to enhance a
user search experience and enable you to make informed choices.

Provision of value for money:

In continuous changing times, when customers are not just interested to get the
contact details of local SME’s, we know that they also want to know what price
would be charged by them. All such queries get resolved at Hungerista since the
info mentioned in all our value-added services give our users a comfort zone.

We know our business inside and out. Thus by thoroughly understanding our
industry standards, Hungerista services have been critical in being able to attract
brands and merchants on our listings. Users who are interested in their offerings
are able to seek their assistance on best deals that we offer.

User-friendly and without complexities:
Due to increasing penetration of mobile devices and cheap internet services, all a
user wants is a quick solution to his or her query. Hungerista comes to your
rescue, as purchasing or booking online from an array of alternatives is at your

We understand users' expectations while searching for the best destinations in
the city, be it for any purpose. Of course, all you wish is to choose that correct
alternative which is best suited to your needs. You can go ahead and trust us, as
we can make your doubts go away faster and lessen your pain cheaper than you
could without us.

Agenda to team up with people and form healthy relationships:

Hungerista focusses on building and nurturing bonds with clients and customers
simultaneously. We believe that the stronger our relationships are, the more
likely our associates will tell their friends about our best service. And what better
than serving to repeat customers or the ones referred by our happy clients? Total

Our ability to take risks:
All said and done, we realize that the hyper-competition in the e-commerce
universe is increasing day by day. And getting class traction among customers
cannot happen overnight because along with the phones getting smart, folks are
becoming smarter too. Thus we take pride in the fact that at Hungerista, quality
of our services matter, not simply quantity.

Aim for 100% customer satisfaction:
Nothing succeeds like success, said Sir Arthur Helps. One of Hungerista's salient
features is that we are able to differentiate between the local retailers who
provide the best satisfaction to patrons. After all, no customer pays you to
dissatisfy him, but to solve specific problems in times of need.